Inside Peru’s Government Palace.

Peru’s Government Palace as seen from the main square – Plaza de Armes.

A peek inside the palace…

Chandelier hanging in ballroom, from the Czech Republic, weighing one ton.
Stain glass dome skylight.
Plaque dedication to Pope John Paul II visit in 1985
Plaque dedication to Andres Avelino Caceres.
Italian marble flooring.
Italian marble floor design.
Staircase leading to the presidential residence, which is naturally off limits to the public.
Guards posted in every room throughout the first floor.
Entering into the French ballroom.
The French ballroom ceiling.
Gold leafing in the French ballroom.
French marble podium and columns.
Peruvian Flag with embroidered crest, that is gold leafed.
Exiting the French ballroom, one enters into the press conference room, with elaborate hand carved wood ceiling.
Presidential chairs and table used to deliver press conferences.
Gold leafed table topped with marble for press conferences.
Statue representing Autumn.
Statue representing Spring.
Statue representing Summer.
Statue representing Winter.
Painting of an Inca.
Clay olive jar in the center courtyard.

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