Aguamanto: Peru’s Exotic Super Fruit

Known to researchers as physalis peruviana, Aguamanto also has alternate names like Piccuberry, Inca berry, and Peruvian ground cherry. It’s found in other countries often called Gooseberry. It originated and grows in the highlands of Peru, and the plant yields a small, smooth berry, covered in a papery calyx, and has many small seeds within. When ripe, it is sweet to tart and has a unique flavor.
Aguamanto fruit is one of Peru’s Super Fruits because it has many health benefits. The fruit contains 20 times the vitamin C of an orange, is high in pro vitamins A, some B-complex, B-12, vitamin C and is a significant source of calcium, thiamine, phosphorous, iron, and carbohydrates, as well as ascorbic acid among others.
It is known to boost energy levels, sharpen memory, strengthen hair and nails, anti-diabetic, and with its high fiber content can also prevent colon cancer.
Picchuberries are now common in Peru and can be found in the markets and supermarkets. So whether you eat aguamanto plain, dipped in chocolate, or turn the berries into jelly, these little berries are great tasting and good for you.

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