The Chocolate Shortage Hoax

Last year (MSM) Main Stream Media outlets were reporting there would be a shortage in chocolate by 2020, due to disease, drought, and rising consumer tastes for dark-heavy chocolate. This is largely, umm Bravo Sierra to put it nicely in military terms. Like most stories put out by the MSM it’s nothing more than a giant (Psyop) Psychological Operation of Classical and Operant Conditioning.

Did you know that six, yes 6 corporations control 98% of the media in Television, Magazines and Newspapers? Pretty much, whatever the MSM says, I think and do the opposite. Like right now they say there will be a world-wide water shortage by 2025 (think Primary Water), or the Economy is BOOMING! LOL, yeah, sure it is.

corporate-controlled-mediaI digress….back to the Chocolate. Here are a couple of links for news on the Chocolate Shortage Hoax.

PR NewsWire


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