Who likes Chocolate? Who doesn’t like Chocolate?

Recently I was in the Miraflores district of Lima, and being an amateur chocolatier and moreover, a veracious connoisseur of chocolate I stopped into the Choco Museo (Chocolate Museum) located by Kennedy Park and took a tour.
It’s free to enter and tour the small interactive museum and they offer a free sample of cacao husk tea to get your taste buds going. Choco Museo is an artisanal chocolate maker, processing chocolate from organic cocao beans to chocolate bar. There are three locations in Peru: Miraflores, Barranco, and Cusco. An interesting factoid is that out of the ten different varieties of cocao bean, six of those come from Peru, making it a leading cocao producer.

Choco Museo offers 2 hour workshops for those that want to go beyond the museum and try their hand at making chocolate from bean to bar, and you get to keep what you make.

Oh yes, they have a sample bar! Try different flavors of chocolate liquor, and jams.


Also there are many artisanal chocolate products for purchase to take some home with you, and a cafeteria.
Their official website for more information is: Chocomuseo

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