The Cats of Kennedy Park


The Miraflores district of Lima Peru is a tourist mecca, and in the heart of it is Parque Kennedy. Named after U.S. President John F. Kennedy and adorned with a bust to commemorate his passing 40 years prior. Kennedy Park has a large walkway through the middle, dotted with benches under shade trees, green lawns and beautiful flower beds. It also has a recently renovated playground for young children.

DSC03587Scores of tourists visit the park daily and one of its attractions is a resident colony of approximately 80 – 100 cats that have inhabited it for about twenty-five years. No one really knows how the cats came to live there, but as stated in this enperublog article, the park was plagued with rats during the 1980’s before the cats lived there.

Some people are just cat haters and complain to the district government about them, while the majority of locals and tourists alike enjoy their company. A few of the cats are skittish, but most are very friendly, and enjoy the love and attention. Some will even curl up in your lap for a nap, while you kick back and read a book or take in the parks surroundings.

_DSC7300 _DSC7332
A non-profit volunteer group and veterinarians feed and give proper care for the cats. Many of the cats I photographed had purple dye marks on their fur, and sutures still in from being sterilized to control the colony population. In these pictures you will notice I was playing with my cameras features, where I shot some in color, black and white, posterization, and black and white where only yellow shows up.

Should you find yourself in Lima, particularly Miraflores why not spend some quiet time with these gentle creatures, or even better –adopt one.


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