The little village of PROSOYA, a co-op project for boys, situated just a few kilometers from Huancabamba, about a twenty-minute walk along a dirt road that passes between lush green fields, and steep tree covered hillsides.  The project for girls is outside of Oxapampa.

PROSOYA is an ONG, or NGO, (Non-Governmental Organization) that was started by German settlers to the area some 150 years ago.  It is a self-sustaining school of 689 Hectares or 1,702 Acres that takes in students from all over Peru, but particularly ones that are in extreme poverty, or have come from other walks-of-life that need a helping hand to learn some Life Skills.

Skills learned at PROSOYA include; Agriculture, Carpentry, Fish Hatchery, Mechanic, Bakery, Beekeeping, and Restaurant, also housing is on site for students and some staff.










Below is the main office, with a gift shop that sells the honey and coffee produced by PROSOYA.



The restaurant where meals are prepared and served by and for the students.



A bust of the PROSOYA founder.


Some of the living quarters for students.




Quito Quito Fruit – solanum quitoense, is a subtropical perennial plant from northwestern South America, and named after Quito, Ecuador that makes a very tasty juice or ice cream flavor. Below the fruit is new growth, and will turn an orange color when mature.


Coffee production area.


Plants for health, such as aola vera and other herbs.



Area for growing fungus, mushrooms.


Beekeeping.  The boxes are made in the carpentry shop.



Fish hatcher with trout, below.


One of the holding ponds packed with trout.





Map of a nature trail that passes through the jungle to a lookout point.



The dogs were eager to join me on the trail.


The dense vegetation in the high jungle is a testament to the determination of the first German/Austrian settlers in the area.


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