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On March 26, 1857, approximately 200 Tyrolean and 100 Prussians sailed from Antwerp (Belgium) in the English boat Guanero “Norton”  heading to Peru, overcoming the adversities of the painful trip across the Atlantic despite this, arrived at Pozuzo after two years (1859) with the firm purpose of colonizing the mysterious Peruvian jungle.

Honor and Glory to the valiant Austrian German settlers who came to Pozuzo.

The land was given to the settlers by the Peruvian Government, to colonize.  It’s about 50km from Huancabamba to Pozuzo along a dirt road passing by waterfalls, and skirting the thick jungle bio preserve of National Park Yanachaga-Chemillen, passing through the Northwest quadrant at one point.


First thing I secured a room for the night along the main road, which was a cheap hostal above a bodega.  The room was only twenty-Soles or $7.00, no hot water, or even a shower head for that matter, just a pipe protruding from the wall. But it was only for one night so I didn’t care.  There were several other hotels and hostel’s around, some over $100 a night.  Next thing of course I set out to find some food.


A typical dish from the area sounded great…


Wiener schnitzel!! Yeah!





This was the first Wiener schnitzel I’d had since before leaving Germany in 2003.  It tasted great, and the buttered potatoes with herbs were fantastic.



After having a great lunch, I set out to photograph some of the town, and started with the main square…




The ship made of concrete, symbolizes the vessel which brought the first settlers across the Atlantic to settle the Peruvian jungle; during festivals, the masts are adorned with sails.




Below is the tourist information booth with info on the area, of what to see and do.








Below is a statue of Josef Egg, one of the original founders of Pozuzo._DSC0196

In another park along the main road…





Schafferer Museum. Schafferer and Egg are the two prevalent last names of the founders.



There is a mix of Peruvian/European architecture.





Cemetery of the colonists…_DSC0227





I would have liked to have stayed longer in Pozuzo, to hike the trails and explore more, but my main mission for the trip to begin with was to meet with a coffee producer close to Huancabamba.  Pozuzo sits farther down in the jungle, and is very warm compared to Oxapampa.  Oxapampa was settled after Pozuzo where the mountains meet the jungle, which offers cool nights and warm days.  At least with a good overview of Pozuzo, on my next trip, I’ll be able to do much more.  Several people thought I was German, because of my fair skin.  Wow, a place in Peru that I can blend, amazing.  Even more amazing is the tenacity it took to beat down the jungle to even arrive at this spot in the first place in the mid-1800.


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