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PetroPeru Oil Spill In The Amazon

On 25 January, 2016 a pipeline breach happened due to a landslide. Now a second breach has occurred, and is under investigation. PetroPeru, is responsible for the spill, and will be sanctioned by the Peruvian government, the company may be fined $17M.

The oil spill into the Amazon waterways is affecting over 8,000 people living in the area. Two-hundred and fifty locals are performing the cleanup at this time. Flora and fauna may return in one year after cleanup is complete, environmental experts say.

The TPP: Trans Pacific Partnership

Peru is one of the twelve member nations to be involved with the TPP.  What’s your opinion on the TPP?  How will it affect member nations, and what effects will it have on the people?  Please like, share, and comment below.  Comments are moderated.   The following are PDF files of the TPP, with Peru specific chapters.

Tick – Tock

Tick – Tock, I felt was eloquently written, and would complement and exemplify an underling point I wanted to convey in my previous post, No Dollars Accepted.

All Right Choices

As humans, it’s found deep inside us: the need of possession. We need stuff, a lot of them, to make us happy, and we want the stuff to be ours, now, if possible.

We first want toys, later better clothes, gadgets, a car, a house, money to gives us freedom to do what makes us happy, travel. We believe material goods will gives us the freedom, and we are willing to do whatever it takes to get just the right amount of money.

But when do we reach the right amount? The more we have, the more we spend, the more money we need. It’s a vicious circle, in which we get stuck at a very early age, and which doesn’t leave us that easily. We invest every little time we have, and energy, to get the money to push us forward in this circle.

“People were created to be…

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No Dollars Accepted

No Dollars Accepted

I can tell you that more and more businesses here in Peru will not accept the dollar anymore for payment of goods and services. Hence the picture above I took at a shoe store in Lima, and led me to write this in January, 2013. I have updated and revised it somewhat.  This article is chocked full of links as references.  (All graphics in this post were pulled from the internet.)

There are two reasons why businesses don’t want to take dollars as payment. One is that much of the counterfeit currency is made here in Peru, not to mention the hassle of having to exchange it. The second reason is because the faith in the dollar around the world is waning…