Fly Geyser

I had to take the shot from a quarter-mile out… The Fly Ranch Geyser sits on private property located 20 miles (32km) North of Gerlach, Nevada on the right-hand side of SR 34. The Geyser, man-made by chance, along with natural forces when in 1964 while exploritory drilling for geothermal  energy.  It was found that… Read More


Eugene, Oregon Freeze

On a recent trip to Eugene, Oregon I arrived to find the city encapsulated in ice. Tree limbs were brought down all over Eugene and Portland from the weight of the ice. But on a coastal excursion, the oceanic climate offered a reprieve.  Pictured below is a Pacific Ocean sunset, just South of Newport, Oregon.



  Machu Picchu limeño – The Machu Picchu of Lima   The trip began in Lima, at the ZBUSS terminal, (Zitabus) at Jr. Julian Pineyro 440 – Rimac – Lima. There is also another terminal at Plaza Norte. Cost: Monday –Friday 7 Soles, Saturday-Sunday 8.50 Soles. DNI, Passport required. After two hours of Jackie Chan… Read More

TDS Bottled Water Test

WHAT IS THE BEST BOTTLED WATER IN PERU FOR YOUR $? In Peru, the expensive bottled water shipped halfway around the world can be found in the big chain grocery stores. Water like Fiji, and Evian for around $5.00 a bottle.  In this test, I used the most common bottled water found in Peru, where… Read More


Paracas and Ica’s Huacachina Desert Oasis

A journey South to Paracas and Ica begins at one of Lima’s bus terminals such as Soyuz, or Cruz del Sur. Travel time to Pisco, 240km’s is about 3hr 30mins by bus. If your bus doesn’t go directly to Paracas, then get off in Pisco, and take a taxi to Paracas. There are plenty of… Read More


 A Weekend Getaway, Or Any Day Of The Week. Nestled in a bowl-shaped valley, surrounded by beautiful mountains with flowing waterfalls, terraced landscapes for farming, and split by the Chillon River, sits the small village of Obrajillo. Belonging to the municipality of Canta, the capital of the Canta Province, in the Lima Region of Peru,… Read More

Machu Picchu – A Virtual Tour Part 2 of 2

Really, it’s much better and more relaxing if you have more time. Machu Picchu is so Awe Inspiring. It’s great to sit down for a while and take it all in. If you can afford to stay longer, and go back up the next day for several hours, then catch your train back in the afternoon/evening it’s worth it. Read More