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Who Likes To Make Cash? $


This will be another brief post, as I am currently in Peru without Internet.  I only have my tablet and picking up a very faint WiFi signal from a nearby restaurant I eat at occasionally.

Have you heard of Cryptocurrency?  Particularly

I joined Steemit less than two weeks ago, and I feel like it is the future of social media.  I want to invite all my followers and anyone else who reads this post to join me on Steemit.

I have this WP blog which I pay $299 a year for but make nothing in return on it. Steemit can help with that.

There are many cryptocurrencies out there, but Steemit is the only one at this time with a blogging platform.  It’s FREE to join, and FREE to post, so there is nothing to lose, but possibly something to gain.

You can earn by posting whatever you want. No censorship.

There are 3 ways to earn cryptocurrency on Steemit

  1. By posting your content
  2. By up voting and resteeming others content
  3. By commenting on others posts

Here are a couple screen shots from my Steemit account:


I’m currently reposting some of my WP content on Steemit and finding what works for me.  Most of my posts have only earned a few cents in SBD, which is the abbreviation for Steemit currency.  But I did well on the Colorado Mule Deer post.  5 pics and a very short paragraph netted me $93.12 in SBD. The currency fluctuates just like government issued fiat currency such as the U.S. Dollar.  Today the SBD is at $1.29 USD value per SBD. So the $93.12 SBD is worth $120.12 U.S. Dollars.


When you sign up you’re given about $5 SBD free. The Steem Power gives you more influence in voting up someone’s post (curator).  You can buy Steem, but you don’t have to spend a penny, just earn it. There are some more popular people and some fantastic writers on Steemit that earn hundreds on a single post.  When YouTube and cryptocurrency guru Jeff Berwick of @dollarvigilante joined, he made $15,000 on his first post.

I follow a lot of great bloggers on WP, so if you are a foodie, write poetry, blog in general, photographer, videos…. there’s no reason to scrap your WordPress site, but try double posting both here and on Steemit.  If you join follow me and other bloggers you know. Upvote and resteem posts, comment, and post your own work. Make some cash off your posts. I’m still learning about cryptocurrency and how it all works.    Steemit is still in beta, but in constant improvement and may one day be as user friendly as Facebook. When first joining it may take Steemit a few days to get your account set up, and they will notify you. The generated password is long and complicated, so write it down and keep it in a secure place like a fireproof safe. Everyone is given an influence number of 25 to start with. Mine is 46 now.

I hope to see many of you posting on Steemit. Bitcoin hit $2,000 today. An all time high. Cryptocurrency is merely a medium of exchange, just like the dollar, euro, or any other currency.  More and more businesses are accepting Bitcoin as payment like,, BMW, and Expedia. So blog, earn and buy yourself a new Beemer, or buy airline tickets on Expedia.  Earn Steem, transfer to Bitcoin, shop online, or load it on a credit/debit card.

I wasn’t able to link a YouTube video….visit The Dollar Vigilante YouTube site, view his video on QandA Steem give away. It’s a long video, just fast forward through some of it, Jeff will show you how to buy/sell/transfer Steem and other good info. to start with.

Colorado Mule Deer


This buck hung around the property for several weeks during the rut, and hunting season. The property is a wintering ground for deer, and if he makes it through the winter, he will have a bigger rack next year.  More than likely, he has been coming here all his life.



With the sudden passing of my dad in late March this year, I returned to Colorado for several months before going back to Peru again. I drove all over the Untied States visiting relatives, covering 9,000 miles in just a month.  As a side trip to my last visit to Peru, I spent a week touring Cartagena, Colombia, making it my thirty-first country.  After relocating all my belongings to a new apartment in Lima, I’m back in Colorado for the winter.   This is my first post since Rupac, in early March.

Pictured above is one of three resident owls on the property in Colorado, which is teaming with wildlife, and a great opportunity to practice wildlife photography.

PayPal Donations

It’s been a while since I’ve published anything on this blog.  I’ll start writing again soon.  I have removed the PayPal Donation Buttons on my site and canceled my account with PayPal as well.  I’ll look for another alternative to receive any donations in the future, should I choose to accept donations for special projects.