Who Likes To Make Cash? $


This will be another brief post, as I am currently in Peru without Internet.  I only have my tablet and picking up a very faint WiFi signal from a nearby restaurant I eat at occasionally.

Have you heard of Cryptocurrency?  Particularly Steemit.com?

I joined Steemit less than two weeks ago, and I feel like it is the future of social media.  I want to invite all my followers and anyone else who reads this post to join me on Steemit.

I have this WP blog which I pay $299 a year for but make nothing in return on it. Steemit can help with that.

There are many cryptocurrencies out there, but Steemit is the only one at this time with a blogging platform.  It’s FREE to join, and FREE to post, so there is nothing to lose, but possibly something to gain.

You can earn by posting whatever you want. No censorship.

There are 3 ways to earn cryptocurrency on Steemit

  1. By posting your content
  2. By up voting and resteeming others content
  3. By commenting on others posts

Here are a couple screen shots from my Steemit account:


I’m currently reposting some of my WP content on Steemit and finding what works for me.  Most of my posts have only earned a few cents in SBD, which is the abbreviation for Steemit currency.  But I did well on the Colorado Mule Deer post.  5 pics and a very short paragraph netted me $93.12 in SBD. The currency fluctuates just like government issued fiat currency such as the U.S. Dollar.  Today the SBD is at $1.29 USD value per SBD. So the $93.12 SBD is worth $120.12 U.S. Dollars.


When you sign up you’re given about $5 SBD free. The Steem Power gives you more influence in voting up someone’s post (curator).  You can buy Steem, but you don’t have to spend a penny, just earn it. There are some more popular people and some fantastic writers on Steemit that earn hundreds on a single post.  When YouTube and cryptocurrency guru Jeff Berwick of @dollarvigilante joined, he made $15,000 on his first post.

I follow a lot of great bloggers on WP, so if you are a foodie, write poetry, blog in general, photographer, videos…. there’s no reason to scrap your WordPress site, but try double posting both here and on Steemit.  If you join Steemit.com follow me and other bloggers you know. Upvote and resteem posts, comment, and post your own work. Make some cash off your posts. I’m still learning about cryptocurrency and how it all works.    Steemit is still in beta, but in constant improvement and may one day be as user friendly as Facebook. When first joining it may take Steemit a few days to get your account set up, and they will notify you. The generated password is long and complicated, so write it down and keep it in a secure place like a fireproof safe. Everyone is given an influence number of 25 to start with. Mine is 46 now.

I hope to see many of you posting on Steemit. Bitcoin hit $2,000 today. An all time high. Cryptocurrency is merely a medium of exchange, just like the dollar, euro, or any other currency.  More and more businesses are accepting Bitcoin as payment like Amazon.com, Overstock.com, BMW, and Expedia. So blog, earn and buy yourself a new Beemer, or buy airline tickets on Expedia.  Earn Steem, transfer to Bitcoin, shop online, or load it on a credit/debit card.

I wasn’t able to link a YouTube video….visit The Dollar Vigilante YouTube site, view his video on QandA Steem give away. It’s a long video, just fast forward through some of it, Jeff will show you how to buy/sell/transfer Steem and other good info. to start with.

Fly Geyser

I had to take the shot from a quarter-mile out…


The Fly Ranch Geyser sits on private property located 20 miles (32km) North of Gerlach, Nevada on the right-hand side of SR 34.


The Geyser, man-made by chance, along with natural forces when in 1964 while exploritory drilling for geothermal  energy.  It was found that the water coming from the spring was a constant 200 degrees Fahrenheit, or 93 Celsius.  Water boils at 212 F. so a little shy of being useful for geothermal energy production.  The well was either not capped at all, or not capped very well.


As a result, the constant pressure of the hot spring has been spraying mineralized water five feet or more into the air since 1964, depositing several inches per year.

Once owned by the Fly Ranch, the property has now changed owners. It’s new owners are the Burning Man Organization

I used a 250mm zoom lens, plus the camera’s digital zoom to bring the subject to me.


BLM Kills 45,000 Wild Horses and Burros

The Wild Horse – An American icon and spirit of the West. Free roaming the open range now for multiple centuries.


How many people get to see wild horses?  Hurry, while you still can…

This story broke in September 2016, eight months ago already.  I felt compelled to bring it up after recently photographing these majestic animals in Northwest Nevada.  It’s estimated roughly 70,000 wild horses roam the West’s public lands. For anyone living in, or visiting the United States, this is Your land, and Your horses.

Public lands, managed by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), are often leased by ranchers to graze their cattle on.  The Bureau said ranchers were complaining because their cattle had to compete for food with the wild horses.  The BLM has been caught before illegally selling wild horses for slaughter.  In this case, thousands of wild horses and burros were rounded up.  The sick and injured were sold to slaughterhouses.  Much of the meat is sent to Europe, and mostly France. (You can tell if cooked meat is horse, as it will still be very red.) However, the remaining 45,000 wild horses and burros were corralled and pinned, and then sentenced to death by the BLM’s National Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board voting to exterminate.  They also want to sterilize the remaining wild horses on the open range.  So in a generation, being able to see these horses in their natural habitat, may come to an end.


With a quick StartPage.com search on the subject, you can find petitions if you’re into that.  Personally I don’t think protesting and petitions work. No, if you want someone’s attention, hit them where it hurts – In the wallet.  The BLM needs reorganizing, new management, or defunded.

The photo’s were taken in early March 2017 North of Gerlach, Nevada on State Route 34.

Eugene, Oregon Freeze

On a recent trip to Eugene, Oregon I arrived to find the city encapsulated in ice._dsc1469_dsc1474_dsc1480_dsc1482_dsc1479

Tree limbs were brought down all over Eugene and Portland from the weight of the ice. But on a coastal excursion, the oceanic climate offered a reprieve.  Pictured below is a Pacific Ocean sunset, just South of Newport, Oregon.


Colorado Mule Deer


This buck hung around the property for several weeks during the rut, and hunting season. The property is a wintering ground for deer, and if he makes it through the winter, he will have a bigger rack next year.  More than likely, he has been coming here all his life.



With the sudden passing of my dad in late March this year, I returned to Colorado for several months before going back to Peru again. I drove all over the Untied States visiting relatives, covering 9,000 miles in just a month.  As a side trip to my last visit to Peru, I spent a week touring Cartagena, Colombia, making it my thirty-first country.  After relocating all my belongings to a new apartment in Lima, I’m back in Colorado for the winter.   This is my first post since Rupac, in early March.

Pictured above is one of three resident owls on the property in Colorado, which is teaming with wildlife, and a great opportunity to practice wildlife photography.



Machu Picchu limeño – The Machu Picchu of Lima


The trip began in Lima, at the ZBUSS terminal, (Zitabus) at Jr. Julian Pineyro 440 – Rimac – Lima. There is also another terminal at Plaza Norte. Cost: Monday –Friday 7 Soles, Saturday-Sunday 8.50 Soles. DNI, Passport required.

After two hours of Jackie Chan fight scenes playing on the bus TV, we rolled into the city of Huaral, located north, in the state of Lima. We took a taxi a short ride near the Mercado (market) where fresh juice, fruit, and water can be purchased. There were several taxi drivers on the sidewalk and haggling over prices, (around 30-35 Soles each person). Luckily we had a couple from Huaral in our group, and they took us to the Tourista Terminal a short walk back down the road. There a couple of vehicles were hired as we had nine people in our group, for 25 Soles each. (Contact info: Jose Rafael P. Claro: 997277583 Movi: 995729290, or 7252578) Jose can haul up to 7 people, 6 comfortable plus gear on top, and can pick up/drop-off at the bus terminal if arranged ahead of time.

PetroPeru Oil Spill In The Amazon

On 25 January, 2016 a pipeline breach happened due to a landslide. Now a second breach has occurred, and is under investigation. PetroPeru, is responsible for the spill, and will be sanctioned by the Peruvian government, the company may be fined $17M.

The oil spill into the Amazon waterways is affecting over 8,000 people living in the area. Two-hundred and fifty locals are performing the cleanup at this time. Flora and fauna may return in one year after cleanup is complete, environmental experts say.